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Unique Awards

Something For Everybody

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[x] Nominations take place from Monday to Friday and I (punk_kitteness) will post the winners on Saturday.
[x] You can nominate a person for more than one category, but that person can only win ONE award a week.
[x] Please don't promote communities here unless you ask me first.
[x] This is a friendly place, anyone that starts drama will be banned!

Best layout
Best username
Most communities joined
Most original design
Most original mood theme
Most original icons
Cutest pet (please post a picture)
Most unique outfit (please post picture)
Best use of animation in an icon (show the icon)
Funniest entries
Cutest gay couple
Cutest straight couple
Cutest bi couple (sorry, I like to be fair *shrug*)
Weirdest fetish (say what it is)

Contact me: punk_kitteness or e-mail me at Victoriacat14@aol.com