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hey i am new!

Best layout: punk_kitteness
Best username: fuckedupdaisy - she's just rad
Most communities joined: mzgenius1
Most original design: triple_phoenix (i really dig her icons)
Most original mood theme: -
Most original icons: psh6 I've used many of her icons! all beautiful
Cutest pet (please post a picture) -
Most unique outfit (please post picture) -
Best use of animation in an icon (show the icon)-
Funniest entries: -
Cutest gay couple: gota do it. _peroxide and kimbahlee two months yesterday, and we are so happy together!
Cutest straight couple: natalie17 - max - i've seen pictures of those two, there simply adorable, been together two years (i think)
Cutest bi couple (sorry, I like to be fair *shrug*) -

P/s I think there should be a

"Best paid layout"

and best "free" layout, as for paid styles more work goes into them.

also an user info thing would be spiffy too
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